Drumroll Please

So here it is – the official Sea Dragon Surfboards blog. As the caption above states, I’ll be using this site to capture my thoughts, ideas and activities revolving around the design and construction of a diverse range of surfcraft. I’ve only recently completed my first project, which you can explore elsewhere in this blog, but it’s underneath my skin now, so there will be plenty more to come (budget permitting of course).

But who am I? I’m a child of the NSW Northern Rivers region, which is on the coast just south of the Qld border. Those familiar with the area know it is renowned for its long, walling right-hand point breaks and it was on these that I cut my surfing teeth over 20 years ago. About 6 years ago I moved west to marry an Adelaide girl and we now live with our two young children and our dog Ernie on a small block just outside of Lobethal, about 15km directly east of the Adelaide CBD, in the rolling Adelaide Hills region.

It’s a totally different climate, with cold wet winters and searingly hot dry summers, and the surf is hardly comparable (nowhere within 5 hours drive holds anything over 6-foot swell). Two young children and a 9-5 desk job in the city have put a dampener on my surfing exploits and I’m lucky these days to get to the beach once a month. But with all this seeming adversity has come opportunity.

I now have a shed. It’s not a big shed, by any means, but it’s big enough to house shaping racks and all the tools needed to produce a surfboard. And young children go to bed early, meaning the evening stretches out before me each day once they’re ensconsed. I could spend the evening plastered to the couch in front of the box, but instead I’ve decided to put my hands to work.

Once a surfer (they say), always a surfer, and while I may not have time to do much surfing these days, I’ll always identify myself as one. So it just seems natural that I should have a go at making the boards I ride. I’ve always had an interest in surf craft that stray from the conventional 3-finned short boards that everyone seems to be riding these days, so the first boards I’ll make will be a single fin based on the wide-fronted mid-70s style, two mini mini-mals for junior members of the clan and what I’ve dubbed “The Bastard Fish”, which takes its inspiration from Proctor Surfboards’ Lil Rascal series.

So watch this space as it all unfolds…

2 thoughts on “Drumroll Please

  1. Awesome looking blog mate….and i can feel your inspiration all the way from Wales! Keep on shaping, looking forward to the ‘bastard fish’!

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