Gearing up for some activity in the shaping bay

I’m getting more and more excited as the days go by. Piece by piece the materials for the next round of boards are being ordered, delivered and stockpiled, ready for a flurry of activity in the first half of 2012. I’m also in the process of completing the latest round of renovations in the shed. I’ve ripped out an old bodged up cupboard in the back corner, formerly a rat hotel, and I’m turning the space into a board rack with space for about 8 boards standing on end.

But back to shaping – I’ll be making a board each for my brothers – 2 mini mals in the 7-8 foot range and a sub-6′ quad fish, plus another Baby Egg, this one for my cousin Callisto. While I’m at it I’m going to glass Tilly’s Rainbow Fish and finish up my next personal board – The Bastard Fish (named because of the style it’s derived from, not because I’m a bastard, or a fish, for that matter).

Here’s a picture of the shape I’m considering for one or both of the mini mals.

It’s a truly national experience: The blanks have been ordered from Sydney, the resin is on its way from the Gold Coast and the boards, once finished will end up in Brisbane, The Channon (NSW Far North Coast), Sydney and Bunbury (WA).

I’ll post photos as I go, so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully there will be a few entertaining exploits to follow.

Ripping out the rat hotel
One man's cupboard is another man's surfboard rack
Where will the rats live now?
Where boards await construction

I lined the boards on the bottom with material from an ancient camping mattress. The brace across the middle will eventually have a series of 9 or 10 rods of dowel sticking out perpendicular to the wall to act as dividers, meaning I’ll be able to store up to 10-ish boards here at any one time.

Three boards in various states of completion
Three boards in various states of completion making themselves at home

And then the new stuff started arriving…

What's inside?
Box full of goodies
Four minty fresh blanks
Just itching to get the planer onto this lot.
Six boards just fit
Six boards just fit....for now

Front to back,the boards are for: Tilly (front left), Callisto (back left), Felix (front right), Bill (6’2″ Fish blank), Jim & Tom (both 7’5″ mini mal blanks).

Another angle on the board holding space
Eventually they'll all stand upright in profile, once the renovations are complete.

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