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Progress (at last) on the Rainbow Fish

I’ve finally managed to get some glass onto Tilly’s “Rainbow Fish” baby egg. It’s not the best result, because it had been sitting around in a dusty shed for a couple of months and the foam got a bit grubby. But overall I’m happy with how the actual lamination went. It’s fast becoming my favourite part of the shaping process. I learned a lot from the first time around (plenty of mistakes made), so it went much more smoothly and I was able to avoid some of the more obvious rookie mistakes. It’s a relatively short job, if you prepare properly, and you get to see the results right then and there.

I’m using UV resin as well, so there’s a certain amount of drama involved when I kick open the door open and bring out the newly laminated board for the sprogs to inspect. Next time though, I’ll have to make sure neither of them are on the other side of the door first. It’s no easy task trying to maneouvre a newly glassed board through a narrow shed door and pacify a screaming child at the same time…

So the next step will be to make a fin from a sheet of 9mm plywood I picked up at a local hardware megalith. I’ll foil that with a sander, lay it up with a couple of layers of 6oz glass then attach it to the board, then hotcoat, sand and she’s ready to hit the water!

I’m going to post some more photos on the Baby Egg Experiment page, but in the meantime, here’s one of me with my first happy customer and Sea Dragon teamrider.

Team Sea Dragon

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