Bastard Fish

Ok, so because I’m indecisive and want to increase my post count, I’m going to throw out a question to my hordes of loyal readers…

(once you’ve stopped laughing)

I’m making myself another board; a shorter, wider, fuller volumed quad. And here’s a picture…

Bastard Fish
The Bastard Fish

…thing is, I can’t decide on which tail to give it. As you can see, when I drew up the original plan it had a half-moon, or reverse arc tail. This was because I borrowed (stole) the idea from Proctor’s Lil Rascal II, which looked like it would be really well-suited to the kind of waves I surf most. But now that I’ve actually started shaping the thing, I’ve started to rethink the tail.

What do you think – should I stick with the moon?

Half moon, or perhaps reverse arc tail

Go with a shallower swallow-tail?

The shallower of the two swallow options

or, in a nod to the fish in the board’s name, hack out a deeper swallow?

The deeper swallow tail. Almost like a fish, but the tail's a lot narrower

As you can see, I’ve marked out a couple of even deeper swallow options, but have discounted them because I think they’d just be a bit excessive and would spoil the board’s aesthetics.

So what’s your opinion?

2 thoughts on “Bastard Fish

  1. Wouldn’t it depend on how it affects the board’s performance? If not, I like the original half-moon

    1. None of them will have that much impact on the board’s performance, especially given my current skill level. It’s more of an aesthetic decision than a functional one.

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