Back in the bay

Last night I banished the bikes, pinned up the blue tarp and donned the protective gear, and got shaping on a new board.

This one’s for Tom – it’s going to be a 7’2″ mini mal, eggy kind of a thing. Target dimensions are going to be something like 7’2″ x 21.5″ wide x 2.75″ thick, with the widepoint something like 4 inches forward of centre. I’m going to set it up with a single fin box, with FCS-compatible plugs if he wants to put in some smaller side bite fins as well.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll do anything fancy with the bottom contours yet, but I’m hoping the board itself will tell me what it wants when I get to that stage of the process. I’ll give it plenty of volume around the chest, to enable easy paddling, and I’m thinking a nice red tint on the bottom with cut laps and a thin black pinline on the deck. Simple, but cool.

I’ll post photos when enough progress has been made to warrant it. For now, it’s just great to be getting covered in foam dust again…

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