Slow and steady

It’s been a slow winter in the shaping shed. The new job, in which I actually have to work, doesn’t leave me with much energy left in the evenings to get much done, and the freezing temperatures sap what little motivation I have left. But it hasn’t been all inaction…

Dad came for a flying visit back in August, and in between trips to the zoo and chasing grommies around the back yard, I put his creative thinking to work on my dust extractor conundrum. And I’m pleased to say that he came up with one that promises to work a treat, using the bits and pieces I cannibalised from a $5 eBay vacuum cleaner and some plumbing fixtures from the local hardware shop. The finished product is below…

Custom dust extraction kit, courtesy of Dad.


From another angle


Charlie’s not convinced

I also just received some goodies in the mail. It’s tax time here in the Adelaide Hills, so for the next few weeks I’ll have a little bit of cash burning a hole in my wallet. I got straight online and ordered myself some new toys.

First stop was eBay, where I snapped up this cool little toymaker’s block plane for $20.

About as long as a regular car key, with a blade about an inch wide

Next stop was an online surf shop in the UK , where I bought a brand new, front zipping O’Neill 5/3 wetsuit for just over £100, which works out to about $157, or one third of the price you’d pay in Australia.

They both arrived today, so I’m not sure which I want to do more; start shaping the next board, or hit the waves. One then the other I guess.

Finally, I’ve been plotting a triumphant return to the shed to finish off Tom and Felix’s eggs. They’re coming to visit at the end of the month, so I have to get glassing. I cleaned up the shed on the weekend, and cut out the glass for Felix’s baby egg. I’m going to do a blue tint on the bottom, and perhaps get a bit creative with pigments.

I also printed out the decals for Tom’s big brother egg at work today. I’m using a different kind of rice paper, that’s whiter and a little more delicate than the ones I’ve used to date. I’m hoping that they will blend in a little more than the ones on the first two boards. We’ll see.

More updates when I have more to report…



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