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Still here…

If anyone had been holding their breath, waiting for me to post, they would have either gone blue in the face and keeled over, or exhaled and gone off to do something a bit more rewarding.

I know I’ve been remiss with my blogging, but you should not take that as a sign that I’ve been slacking off in the shaping department as well. Oh no!

I got my first genuine paying customer recently. Kerry, a fashion designer and budding surfing fanatic, asked me if I could provide her with a replacement for her first board. She said she wanted something that still had enough volume to catch the waves, but was a bit easier to turn than her current log. We settled on a traditionally outlined fish, with a couple of mod additions. It’s got a bit more of a rocker than a genuine old-school fish, particularly in the nose. And I’m going to add plugs for five fins, so she can go anywhere from 1-5 on any given surf.

It’s a Christmas present from her partner Tim, a colleague of my other half’s. So with only two months to go (when the order was first made), I had to get my skates on.

Here’s the result so far…

Kerry’s fish from the tail – love the interplay of light and shade on the contours
Kerry’s egg from the nose – note the beak…
The autograph – #5 shaped and ready for decoration/glassing

I’ve also been putting the finishing touches on Tom and Felix’s big and little man eggs. I did a coloured swirl on the bottom of both, with a cut-lap on the deck to keep it neat. As you can see on Felix’s, I didn’t tape the cut-lap as securely as I could have and there was some bleed through up near the nose. But overall, I’m pretty happy with how they both turned out. Tom’s in particular is one I’m wishing I could keep for my own quiver.

The eggs’ decks, nearly matching for father and son
Tom and Felix’s eggs, which will soon be winging their way westwards.

The next challenge is finding a way to get them to WA safely, and ideally before Christmas. Watch this space.



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