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Shaped and Shipped

With the end of the year, and all the craziness that this entails, fast approaching, I thought I’d just write one more post to close the loop on 2012.

All lined up in a row
All lined up in a row

It’s been a reasonably productive year, with three of my four completed boards rolling off the production line since January. The two most recent – the Daddy and Baby Eggs – were shipped off to their new home in WA just last week. Merry Christmas Tom and Felix!

Juevos mayor y menor (big egg and little egg) for Tom and Felix
Juevos mayor y menor (big egg and little egg) for Tom and Felix

I’ve included a number of photos in this post; not exactly highlights, but rather key points along the shaping journey from then until now.

Kerry's fish from the tail - love the interplay of light and shade on the contours
Kerry’s fish from the tail – love the interplay of light and shade on the contours

Looking to the future, there are some interesting times ahead. First thing next year I’ll be finishing off Kerry’s fish, as well as my own Bastard Fish. I’ve managed to sneak in a little more work on it over the last couple of weeks and hopefully it will be ready to glass before the end of Jan.

Stoked teamrider in Rainbow Fish colours
The infamous sweatervest incident…

I’m pretty excited about the prospect of getting it in the water, actually. Riding my single fin is undeniably fun, but it’s not really all that well suited to the kind of waves we get most of the time on the South Coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula (read: small, fat, mushy). The Bastard Fish is a completely different beast; high volume, short, quad fin, concave through to flat through the fins. In other words, the perfect board (everything going according to plan) for the waves I surf.


There are also two more blanks in my shed just waiting to become boards. The first will be another 7-foot-plus mini-mal/egg for my cousin Paul in Sydney, while the other will be the third in the Baby Egg series, for another cousin – Callisto (who I’ve never even met!) – who’s also in Sydney, but is much smaller than Paul. So that’s the first half of the year spoken for, we’ll see what the rest holds in store.

Four minty fresh blanks
A box full of possibilities

Hope everyone who wants them gets waves over the silly season, and that everyone else gets their equivalent. See you in 2013!

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