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The next board

I’ve just finished sanding, pinlining and resanding my latest board. It’s a wide-tailed, wide-nosed, high-volume beast related to my Bastard Fish/ Mudskipper. I’m calling it the squashed mudskipper, on account of the squash tail. Dimensions are: 5’10” x 20 x 2.25″

I’m pretty happy with it all told – it’s the best board I’ve made yet and it has all the bells and whistles – concave fabric inlay deck, all kinds of fin options with a quad plugs and a single box, single to double concave bottom contours. It should hold its own in anything from 2-foot onshore summer slop, to overhead and hollow. Here are some pictures…

Deck concave
Deck concave
Sea Dragon Surfboards
Second from the left
From all angles
From all angles
Some digital enhancement used to bring out the inlay's colour and pattern
Some digital enhancement used to bring out the inlay’s colour and pattern
Tinted tail block
Tinted tail block with fin options galore

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