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New year, new board

I started the year off with a nice little custom order. It’s a high performance short board for an intermediate level surfer, a 16th birthday present for a neighbour (and I thought I was the only waxhead in the village). If everything goes according to plan, it should help her take her surfing to the next level.

Mia's Board - finished

Templated Blank



Painting in progress

Painting finished

Messy bottom

Plug installation
Dimensions are as follows: 5’10” x 19″ x 2 3/8″, single to double concaves on the bottom, with a 5-fin set-up. Colour work was done with acrylic paint and the black was all resin – in the lamination on the bottom and as fat-arsed pinlines on the deck.
I wish I could get a chance to try it out before handing it over, but it’s getting picked up tonight.

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