Template – The Phoenix

The Phoenix

This board was originally inspired by a photo I saw of a Campbell Brothers Bonzer (below).

Inspiration for the Phoenix Board

I built my version from the carcass of an unsurfable longboard that had been sitting in the ceiling of my shed for several years. Because of this, I was limited by the blank I had in front of me, so the rocker measurements in the template doc do not accurately reflect those of the board I built. The nose rocker on my board is more like only 2-2.5 inches, as opposed to the 4.75″ specified in the template. This works to the board’s advantage in fat waves, but I’ve yet to test it out in steeper waves where it’s more likely to “pearl”.

However, I think adding a bit more rocker will make the board a bit more versatile and expand the range of waves in which it could be surfed.

Here’s the template and a separate PDF with all the relevant measurements.



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