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Just a quick update on the cracked S-Plug saga (that’s what it’s being called now). I contacted Shapers to let them know about the lost fin etc. and included photos of the cracked plugs. I just wanted to give them some feedback, I wasn’t fishing for any freebies or anything like that.

As I said, I’ve always had great service from them in the past and this time was no exception. After a brief conversation about whether I’d hit the bottom (I hadn’t), they offered to send me a replacement set without prompting. I said thanks, but if they were willing, I’d rather replace them with a set of their X- series plugs and they didn’t even blink. A new quad set is in the mail as you read and hopefully I’ll have the board back in the water before Spring (although I won’t be holding my breath on that count – things happen slowly around here).

With all this in mind, and for what it’s worth, I highly recommend talking to the good folk at Shapers Manufacturing Co. for all your shaping needs. And shakas to Dan from Shapers, who is, even now, dropping into a crystal blue set wave somewhere in Indonesia (bastard).