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Every board starts with an idea, a concept of what the final artefact might look like once all the shaping, glassing and sanding has been done. My shaping process begins with me trying to convert this idea to something more tangible using my computer, via a range of software applications. I then print these out and, once the blank has been roughly foiled, I use this full-sized template to transfer the shape onto the foam. That’s when the really fun part begins.

My plan is to post a range of these templates, both single page and life-sized files. If any of them catches your eye, feel free to download and use it to make your own board. Another great source for templates, far greater than my humble contribution, is Blending Curves –

Templates 101

There are almost as many methods for shaping surfboards as there are shapers. Every shaper has their own unique process for building a board –  from developing the concept of a board in their imagination, to getting it shaped, wrapped … Continue reading

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